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Our team is excited to present to you our newest product from William Morrison called Einstein Trader. It is a scalping strategy that trades everyday, but is designed to work with live accounts.

Scalping is in high demand in the Forex markets and traders are hungry for an amazing product that delivers. We put together exactly what they want with tons of real proof.

Conversions are through the roof, get ready to make a lot of money.

Everything You Need To Know About Einstein Trader

Einstein Trader is a fully automated Forex trading robot that trades practically every single day using a unique scalping strategy with strong filters and a positive reward to risk.  It's a safe system that works on up to 3 currency pairs and doesn't use martingale or grid style trading.

Typically, trades don't last for more than a few minutes, while the system's strong filters help prevent over trading that doom other scalping systems.  We've put together multiple accounts to prove to traders that the system does work and that it is not a fluke, but a real and reliable system that works.

This is going to be huge - this style of trading is in massive demand, but most developers aren't able to make a system powerful enough to limit risk and work on real trading, which Einstein Trader does.

An Evergreen Offer

Einstein Trader is a not a fly by night product. This is a software built to last years with virtually no intervention and as a result is an evergreen offer.

If you are not familiar with evergreen, it means the Einstein Trader will be open and for sale and will not close anytime soon. So you can setup your website, blogs, and follow ups to promote Einstein Trader for the long term.

Just because the offer will be evergreen doesn't mean things won't evolve. We will overtime raise the price as more and more testimonials build up, which will also increase your commission per sale.

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